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Enjoy the snapshots!

Candace & Christian, & Grandpa with our new twins Ainsley Harriet, & Shiner Christian, finally born 1-08-10
The twins and friends
More story telling
Soldiers sharing their stories with new friends at the 2010 hunt
Shiner Ranch Crew & four soldiers at the recent 2010 Support our Troops deer hunt hosted by the Shiner Ranch, Hildebrand family.
What a great group of young men, True Heroes
Lyssy and Collier Live Oak Bull Sale
Isabel Marie Mihalski, Born 11-17- 09 
(Grandchild #2,) #3 & #4 Twins soon
Ground Breaking  for a fabulous sale facility At Bill & Dusty Carr's Wilson County Ranch, near Floresville, Tx. Production Sale planned for fall of 2010.
Probably the best thing I've killed in years
Brad Goebel, W/ Shiner Ranch deer
Bill Glendening, w/Shiner Ranch deer
South Texas Snakes
Our daughter, Candace (and our soon to be grandson and granddaughter) battle it out with E.C. Larkin in the Battle of the Bellies Contest. Public sentiment was that E. C. was in the lead at this time!
Lee Manuel receive his buckle for champion pair at the Northest Texas Sale
Anthony ( Trip ) Mihalski III, in training,
"A big brown bug bit a big black bear"
Tommy, Becky, Stephanie,  & J.T. Womack, Had the Grand Champion Lot (3 n 1), at the North East Texas sale on October 3rd in Henderson, Texas
Todd & Lynn Andrews, present the buckle for Champion Bred Heifer to Charlie, Holly, & Daughter Jacqueline Rand, at the North East Texas Sale recently.
Lawrence Lyssy,  This one got away
Bo Hildebrand, Shiner Ranch
(son-in-laws dad) our best trout ever (not signed up for CCA Star Tournament, "Bummer")
The Winners
Port Mansfield July 2009
Jerry Hemphill, working Dr Staggs Sale
Billy Welkener,  
There's another one on your line Billy
Again workin' hard at Dr Staggs sale in Ark.
Harriet working at Dr David Staggs sale in Arkansas
May 09,  Live Oak & South Texas  Assn's held back to back joint meetings and dinner. Both associations approved new web sites
(see link on my home site) and discussed upcoming events
During The Young Farmers Tournament-
Matt Seymour, photo needs no further explanation
Mike & Debbie Green
( Debbie is with Capital Farm Credit)
Her 1st fish, a 26 1/2 inch trout
Capital Farm Credit, Sponsored the Young Farmers fishing Tournament May 09.
Mark Hiler with a good one
Morning in Port Mansfield
John Newburn, receiving the Howard Hunt Memorial Award at the recent Lone Star Beefmaster Sale
Burnell Gates, G4 Beefmasters, 
Port Mansfield, Tx
Bob & Bonnie Siddons , with Rocky Carrillo.
Bob & Bonnie are receiving the award for consigning the Grand Champion in the Perfect Pair Futurity at The Soutmost Sale
Rocky Carrillo with Natividad Vera, Ramon & Anita Pulido,  Freer, Tx who were new first time buyers at the recent Southmost Sale
Dwight, Nancy, & Danny Mann, Alice, Tx.
Major buyers at the Southmost Sale
Steve & Suzan Timbs,  Kenedy, Tx.
First Time buyers at the Southmost Sale
Pictured on the Texas House of Representative Floor to receive a Resolution honoring
LOBBA are: Don Kasper, Beto Martinez, Anthony Mihaski, Dr. Tommy Perkins and Rocky
Carrillo. Also pictured are Rep. Ryan Guillen, Rep. Tara Rios-Ybarra and Rep Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles.
Glen Rod, Rod Farms Had the Grand Champion Bull at the Spring Live Oak Beefmaster Sale. Sold for $10,000 to Bill & Dusty Carr, Laredo, Tx
Rocky Carrillo & Debbie Chapman, Debbie is receiving the check for consigning the Champion Open Heifer at the Spring Live Oak Beefmaster Sale, (Tim was running late again).
Will & Gayton Lieke, and Cael Youngs, enjoying the Spring Live Oak Beefmaster Sale
Randy & Regina Brockinton, Sherwood, Ar.  New Member, Volume  buyers at the Grassroots Beefmaster Sale in Conway, Ar
Dr David Staggs, President, Arkansa Beefmaster Breeders Assn., and Larry Jennings, Marshall, Ar.
Larry was a volume buyer at the recent Grassroots Sale in Conway, Ar.
Larry Lairemore, Jerry Hemphill, John Ely, In Conway, Ar.
My Shiner Ranch Trophy (on the left). Guides were Christian Hildebrand, (son-in-law), Jason Sekula, (wildlife manager). Both formerly Trophy Trout fishermen at Port Mansfield.
Wendell Schronk, Joe Fitsimmons, San Pedro Ranch and Anthony. Thank you Joe!
Ruben Guerra at the Live Oak Bull Sale
Gabe Valdez at the Live Oak Bull Bull Sale
Rocky Carrillo, Tim Chapman and Tommy Perkins at a recent STBBA meeting
Live Oak Bull Sale. Manuel and Yolanda Martinez, John G. and Jayden Martinez
At the Violeta Ranch Sale. Hector Pena and Rafael Garcia, Jr, from Laredo, Texas
At Violeta
Jim Banner, Charlie Woods, Billy Welkener, Jerry Vordenbaum and Anthony Mihalski, Jr.
Part of the crowd at the Violeta Ranch 48th Annual Sale
Anthony, Sr. sold his first Violeta Ranch Sale in 1977 and Anthony,Jr sold his first Violeta Sale (with Sr.)  in 2004.
Sights like this are why you visit the
Texas Gulf Coast.
Wendell Schronk catches a big one,
while E.C. waits to clean it.
Jim Reeves and Wendell Schronk,
following the industry roast of Wendell
during the San Antonio Stock Show
Anthony and Jim Banner at the
2009 SALE Breed Bull Sale
Dr. Joe Paschal and E.C. Larkin
The hardworking Capital Farm Credit Group, a major sponsor of the SALE All Breeds Bull Sale
A sale from my point of view
I was the  2006 CCA Star (State of Texas Anglers Rodeo) Tournament winner.  I got a nice new boat out of it
Anthony and Matt Seymour with
Capital Farm Credit
Special guest at the 2009 San Antonio All Breed Bull and Female Sale, Charlie McMillan, wife Nicole, and two-year-old daughter, Chloe, from the wounded soldier program. He is pictured with Capital Farm Group.
Matt Seymour, Capital Farm Credit with Anthony, Harriett, and Charlie McMillan.  Charlie was the special guest at the Rose Classic Beefmaster Sale.  The Beefmaster crowd passed the hat and raised over $4,000 for the Wound Service program.
Jason Sakula, Charles Schneider III, Joshua Jay Mack, Justin Widholm, Carlos H. Barrett, Bo Hildebrand, Shiner Ranch, Christian Hildebrand, Shiner Ranch, Henry Manger, Terry Johnson.  The Shiner Ranch hosted a special deer hunt to show support for the military hunt.
Carl Schneider III, Joshua Jay Mack, Justin Widholm, Carlos H. Barrett.  Thanks to the Hildebrand family, Shiner Ranch for hosting at this special hunt.  While there these four soilders received many special gifts such as guns, binoculars and gear.  A group of Texas Beefmasters had a special cash gift of $500 for each solider.
Tm and Debbie Chapman.  New Years 2008-2009.  We have celebrated the New Year at their ranch for many years.
Open heifers at the Callahan Ranch.  Look for these heifers at the 2010 San Antonio All Breed Bull Sale and Commercial Heifer Sale.
Orville Monroe, Volume buyer at the Northeast Texas Sale
BBU Convention, Shelby and Henry Watson from Mississippi.  Mr. Henry is 90 and still raising Beefmasters.
BBU Convention 08
BBU Convention 08 Marilyn and Melvin Scherer
BBU Convention 08, Bonnie, Bob and Candace
BBU Convention 08, Bob Siddons
BBU Convention 08
BBU Convention 08, Fake George a.k.a Mike Green